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With great pleasure we introduce you to MindShift Suriname.
With our years of experience in especially the Hospitality and Tourism sector, we advise different types of companies on various key areas of operation.

Our Cornerstone

The cornerstone of our expertise is based on Communication, Business and Hospitality Services. At present we are assisting several companies in terms of organizational and management operations and communication (including Marketing, Sales, PR & Branding). Our organizational and management operations services involve providing Advice & Support to companies on business processes such as Standard Operating Procedures, Customer Service and the Guest experience.

Innovation Done Right

We also provide services in terms of innovation within various departments and internal & external organizational structuring. Offering services to various local & international companies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), we are aware of the responsibilities and expected deliverables by international organizations. We hope to have aroused your interest. We invite you to meet with us and give you more substance to MindShift Suriname and the various possibilities we offer.

Core Values

  • Integrity, transparency and accountability.

  • Commitment to excellence in education, training, and cost-effective delivery of quality results and services.

  • Respect, responsiveness and compassion towards our clients and their customers.

  • Creativity, industry, innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Collaboration, partnership and networking with external and internal stakeholders within our fields of expertise.

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